Enrollment and Employment

Founded in 1985, Yuncheng Songjiang Wushu School covers an area of ​​180,000 square meters and has a simple and elegant building complex of 88,000 square meters. It has fixed assets of 180 million yuan.It now has 26 provinces, municipalities,autonomous regions, and the United States and Britain. There are 3,600 foreign students and more than 300 faculty members. There are 60 professional classes such as martial arts routines, Sanda,Taekwondo, boxing, wrestling, karate,film and television, and 45 liberal arts classes from elementary school to high school.


Songjiang Wu School ------ can be compared with ordinary school! Every year, more than 100 students enter the university undergraduate course. Since the establishment of the school,30,000 talents with both civil and military skills have moved from here to work! Her liberal arts scores are among the best in the same kind of schools across the country, and the high school single-entry enrollment rate is over 80%. Only 20 students are admitted to Beijing Sports University every year.


Song Jiang Wu School ------ the cradle of the champion! Our school won more than 1,300 medals in major competitions at or above the provincial level; Sanda professional won seven championships in the provincial championships, and Yang Xiaojing won the national Wushu club competition. In the World Championships and Asian Games, Yuan Xindong, Kang Yonggang, Yuan Xiaochao and Bian Maofu won the Sanda and Routine Champions respectively. In the Changquan performance of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games special project,Yuan Xiaochao won the championship; the student Wang Hongxiang in Henan “Wulin The Wind has won consecutive championships. The 20th and 21st Provincial Games of the province, our school is the biggest winner, and each time it won the “Most of the Country” for Heze, it was commended by the municipal government.


Songjiang Wu School ------ the base of performing talents! The school has trained and delivered a batch of performing arts rookies, and has been enrolled in the film series such as "Water Margin", "Di Renjie", "Micro-service Private Visit", "Hunter", "Relay", "Seven Swords" and "Shaolin Temple Legend". In the figure, they entered the entertainment circle from Songjiang Martial Arts School. For more than ten years, the Dog Art Troupe has participated in national-level celebrations for more than 100 times. Each time, it won praises from domestic and foreign audiences with its unique artistic style and won the highest award. Our school's Via technology has repeatedly undertaken large-scale national performances, and its skills have been highly praised by the audience. "Water Marginal Boys" and the sequel, the main characters in the play are played by our students, and were awarded the first prize of the national film "Flying". In Hong Jinbao's "Youth of Martial Arts" featuring Li Kui, our school student Wang Wenjie (art name Fen Ni) starred in the drama. Many of the children's actors in the play were played by our students and were loved by the audience. At present, Wulin’s evaluation of Wang Wenjie is “the beginning of a new generation of Chinese Kung Fu stars”. The school's student Pan Yuanjia plays an important role in many kung fu movies such as "The Legend of Shaolin Temple". 400 students participated in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the successful performance was applauded by the people of the country and the world.


Songjiang Wushu School, in the "National Martial Arts 20 Years Summary", was named "National Top Ten Martial Arts School" and ranked first! Songjiang Wushu University welcomes students from home and abroad to come to our school to study and live! Our school enrolls students all the year round and goes to school! The only official website of the school is www.wushu163.com, www.wushu-school.com, welcome to login!

Fan Qingbin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the president of Songjiang Wushu, and all the teachers and students welcome you with a hundred times of enthusiasm!

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First, the enrollment object

Teenagers from 7 to 18 years old in provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and urban and rural areas in China, with their ID cards or residence registration certificates, will register for the school and pay 5 photos of one-inch bareheaded photos.

Second, the learning content

1. Arts: The elementary school, junior high school, high school and college classes are taught in accordance with the syllabus issued by the Ministry of Sports. 5 hours of study, 4 hours of martial arts, and English and micro-computer classes from primary schools, comprehensive quality education for students.

2. Wu Ke: Opened the National Sports General Administration to compile the routine and coach in accordance with the standards of the referee. There are modern sports routines and traditional routines, as well as professional classes such as Sanda, Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, Chinese, Freedom, and Film.

3, special coach training classes, learning martial arts routines or professional skills in education, psychology and referee skills.

4, film and television classes to learn film and television action stunts and drama performance skills.

Third, student treatment

1. Those who pass the graduation examination will be awarded the graduation certificate issued by the Provincial Department of Education and the coach certificate issued by the Sports Commission.

2. Those with outstanding achievements will be transported to the national, provincial and municipal sports academies, armed police units, and public security departments to arrange for posts.

3. High school graduates can directly participate in the national unified college entrance examination, and outstanding graduate schools are responsible for recommending to colleges and universities across the country.

Fourth, the charging standard

Please call for details.

V. School address

South Section of Ximen Street, Yuncheng Town, Rucheng County, Shandong Province

Network enrollment QQ number: 9600606

Online registration QQ group: 31727722, 10299960, 8834998

Registration number: +86530-6524411, +86530-6524412

Fax: +86530-6896222

Zip code: 274700

National free enrollment phone: 400-686-9971