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Bian Maofu


Bian Maofu, male, Sanda athlete, entered the Guangdong Sanda team after training at Shandong Songjiang Wushu School. The CKC contest qualified for the general course of the seed ~ seed players, directly into the final. After the first World Kung Fu Wang Jie Bazaar in 2009, the reporter's idol was Bruce Lee. The list of five Chinese in the Sino-Thai wars was finalized, and Bian Maofu confirmed the competition.


Personal information

Chinese name: Bian Maofu

Alias: Gai Shi Hu, Iron Leg King, Fu Hu Jingang

Nationality: Chinese

Nationality: Han

Place of birth: Laiwu, Shandong

Date of birth: November 5, 1982

Graduate school: Shandong Songjiang Martial Arts School

Height: 178cm

Weight: 80Kg

Sports: Sanda

Current coach: Zhou Changyong, Xia Weizhong

Professional features: comprehensive technology, fierce play, leg method


Historical situation

2005 Tenth National Games Gansu "Eastern Unbeaten"

2008 Kung Fu King Fighting Championship 80kg Grade Jilin "Changbai Heroes"

In 2009, he represented the Guangdong team in the first CKA China Wushu Sanda Premier League, 80 kg.



2004 National Wushu Sanda Championship 75KG Championship

2004 National Wushu Sanda Club League Finals Championship

Men's 77.5 kg third place in the 2005 10th National Games

The 75th World Championship of the 8th World Wushu Sanda Championships in 2005

2006 3rd "World Cup" Wushu Sanda Competition 75KG Championship

2007 National Wushu Sanda Championship 80KG Championship

2008 "Kung Fu King Competition" 80kg Champion

2009 First World Kung Fu King Championship

In December 2009, Chinese martial arts played against Chinese players in the professional Muay Thai competition.