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Kang Yonggang

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Kang Yonggang is known as the pride of Nanyue.

He was born in December 1980 and is 1.71 meters tall and weighs 52KG.

It is currently a national registered athlete, a national elite athlete, and a martial arts seven-segment.

He has been practicing martial arts in Songjiang Wushu School in Shandong for six years since he was 13 years old. He was trained in Sanda in 1994. He was selected by the coach of Xia Weizhong to the newly formed Guangdong Sanda Team. In 1998, he participated in the national championship for the first time and won the 52KG runner-up. In the following competition, Kang Yonggang, representing the Guangdong team, included all the gold medals in the Sanda competition, won the gold medal in the Asian Games, the World Championships, the National Championship Championship, the first Sanda World Cup, the East Asian Games in the 9th National Games, and so on. In the confrontation with Muay Thai and American boxing, he won the gold medal belt three times. None of the other Sanda events have been missed. In terms of scores alone, Kang Yonggang’s achievements surpassed that of Sanda Yuliu Hailong. It can be said that Kang Yonggang is not only the glory of the Guangdong team in terms of technology, image and personality, but also a banner representing China's Sanda.


Main record:

He has won the National Wushu Sanda Championship and the Championship 52KG for many times.

The 52KG Championship of the 6th World Wushu Sanda Championship

The first Sanda World Cup 52KG champion

Wushu Sanda 52KG Championship at the 9th National Games

The 14th Asian Games Wushu Sanda 52KG Championship

Chinese Kung Fu vs Thailand Professional Muay Thai 56KG Championship

The first and second Chinese Kung Fu VS American professional boxing 54KG grade gold belt

2005 East Asian Games 52KG Gold Medal

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