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Li Haiming


Name: Li Haiming

Sex: Male

Level: 60 kg

Li Haiming changed to Sanda after practicing in the Songjiang Martial Arts School in 1996. In 2001, he was selected by the Guangdong Provincial Sanda Team Xia Weizhong as the head coach to the Guangdong team. In the national championships and championships that participated in 2002 and 2003, the results have been kept within the top three. This is a good result for a rookie. In the 10th preliminaries, all the way to the song, defeating Zhao Bo and Wang Jinfeng, etc. Good hands, with a higher attitude to include the preliminaries in their own accounts.


Main honor:

2002 Sino-French International Sanda Championship

2005 Chinese Wushu Sanda "Wang Zhong Wang" Championship

2005 Wushu Sanda Club Championship

In December 2009, he won the gold medal in the 10th Martial Arts World Championships in Toronto, Canada.