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Meng Qiuzhen


Meng Qiuzhen, the female army team leader, Nanguan, Shandong Yucheng. From the age of 14 to the Songjiang Martial Arts School, Wu Ke practiced Taekwondo. After graduating from the Guangzhou Military Academy in 2001, he went to the Marine Corps.


Previously, she repeatedly frustrated the group and won the gold medal in the national competition. She has won the third place in the National Sanshou Broadcasting Competition, the first place in the National Cooperation Zone Elite Competition, and the second in the national championship Taekwondo.


The members of the Chinese Navy Women's Marine Corps can avoid the knife, swing the arm to break the brick, the head can break the bottle, the back can break the stone, climb the wall, grab the fighting, fly the catch, catch the knife, shoot the gun, drive the car Eighteen martial arts are well versed.


This team once represented the Chinese army in military reporting performances for leaders of more than 60 countries and relevant military leaders. Every time they achieved great success, exquisite skills and first-class quality were unanimously appreciated by foreign guests, for China in the world. Won the praise. Once, 48 military attachés in China visited the women's marine team. After watching their wonderful performances, a military officer expressed his feelings: Chinese girl is amazing! There is the majesty of the tiger, the decisiveness of the leopard, the agility of the monkey, the unrestrainedness of the horse, the lightness of the bird, the cleverness of the fox, the tenacity of the camel... Meng Qiuzhen, the captain of this team.