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Wang Hongxiang

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At the age of 12, Wang Hongxiang came to Songjiang Wu School in Shandong City to study traditional martial arts such as Nanquan and Hongquan. The 6-year military school time laid a solid foundation for Wang Hongxiang. The reason why I learned Wu was because Wang Hongxiang was a dream when he was a child. "I thought of a black man like a hero on TV when I was a child, or flying a wall, or galloping, helping the poor and helping the poor.


Wang Hongxiang is very opposed to the view that "traditional martial arts are not easy to use". He feels that the basic skills of traditional martial arts for the military are very high. The long-term practice will continue to enhance the inner strength of the people, and at the same time will touch the soul of martial arts: Wude. In Wang Hongxiang's mind, learning the most valuable wealth of martial arts is the brave martial arts spirit and the good character of respecting teachers and teachers.


In 1997, Wang Hongxiang went to Guangzhou alone. Compared with his peers, he entered the society too early. When I first arrived in Guangzhou, Wang Hongxiang’s life could be described as “mistaken”. When talking about the past, the strong man on the pedestal did not shun. "I have been to the stalls, I have been a martial artist, I have been a coach at the gym, and I have been hungry for two years. Say, I have tried more work than I have now."


Despite the hardships of life, Wang Hongxiang still has not forgotten his "basic skills." In 2003, Wang Hongxiang began to play "show games" in some bars in Guangzhou. Although it was "performance", the intensity was no less than the official competition. "The level is very high, and it is this year's exercise that has accumulated a lot of experience and I understand a lot of truth." After that, Wang Hongxiang gradually gained a foothold in Guangzhou.


In 2005, Wang Hongxiang enrolled in the "Wulin Wind" people's elections in the Taiwan Strait, but was forced to give up before the game for some special reasons. In 2006, Wang Hongxiang signed up again and went all the way to the championship. What impressed people the most at that time was Wang Hongxiang's seven consecutive tyrants. He became the "true hero" in the eyes of ordinary people. "Wulin Wind" changed Wang Hongxiang's life trajectory, or perhaps the insistence of the military made him win a broader life. In the confrontation with the Japanese samurai Kasuga Jun, Wang Hongxiang undisputedly won the game and was evaluated after the game. This is the MVP player for this match. On the road of the warrior, he is known as the Chinese people.

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