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Wei Ning


Guangzhou Asian Games won the championship

The Guangzhou Asian Games shooting UFO project, the women's two-way individual preliminaries and team finals, the Chinese team composed of Qu Weining, Wei Meng and Zhang Shan won the championship in 201, and Wei Ning preliminaries ranked first.

Women's two-way project. The Chinese team members Wei Ning and Wei Meng and the veteran Zhang Shan who had participated in the Beijing Asian Games played. Weining won the silver medal at the Athens Olympics, and the Beijing Olympics won only the sixth. This year, the World Championships won the silver medal and won the London Olympic tickets for the Chinese team. In the Asian Games, Wei Ning in Busan and Doha also failed to win a single gold medal. In the last session, they won the team championship with the Chinese team.

During the qualifying period, Wei Ning was brave. In the first group of 25, the second group of 24, the third group made a slight mistake, and also recorded 22, a total of 71 ranked first in the preliminary.

Wei Ning was born in Xiabei Village, Xiaqiu Town, Laizhou City. In 1993, Wei Ning, 12 years old, gave up the sports school admission notice that he had already received because of his good physical condition. He was sent to Songjiang Wushu School to study martial arts. Of the seven children who came to the Songjiang Martial School in this village, only Wei Ning was a girl.

After studying for a few years at Songjiang Wushu School, Xiabei Village also established a martial arts school. Parents took Wei Ning from the tied city Songjiang Wu School to take home to practice martial arts. After a period of time, the provincial shooting team selected talents because of the good martial arts skills. In the end, Wei Ning became the only girl to be selected into the shooting team of Shandong Province through the physical stability of the training. Since then, she has embarked on a two-way flying saucer shooting path. After entering the shooting team, due to outstanding performance, it took only 3 years, Wei Ning entered the national team, and then won the championship in several world competitions. At the Athens Olympics, Wei Ning won the silver medal of the women's two-way flying saucer; not long ago, she defeated the Olympic champion Zhang Shan and others, and won the only ticket for the Beijing Olympic Games.


Main result

The two-way UFO personal champion in the 2001 World Cup finals;

The two-way UFO individual champion of the 2002 World Cup shooting finals, the world championship skeet team champion;

The two-way UFO personal champion of the 2003 World Championships, the two-way UFO personal champion of the UFO World Cup in Spain;

The two-way UFO personal champion of the Greek World Cup in 2004, the two-way UFO silver medal in the Athens Olympics;

In 2005, the UFO World Cup Italy station two-way UFO silver medal, the World Championships two-way UFO fourth, the World Cup finals and the fourth UFO;

In 2006, the UFO World Cup Qingyuan Station sneakers third place, Doha Asian Games two-way UFO silver medal;

In 2007, the UFO World Cup South Korea station two-way flying carbon champion, World Championships two-way UFO personal second place, group champion (and Zhang Shan, Yu Xiumin) and set a world record of 214.


Best result

Qatar World Cup Finals 2002, 74+23, 97, champion

Two-way individual champion of the 2003 UFO World Championships