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The opening ceremony of "2913 Chinese Culture Bank - Agile Shandong Qiluying" was held at Songjiang Martial Arts School

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“2913 Chinese Culture Tour – Agile Shandong Qiluying” The opening ceremony was held in Songjiang Martial Arts on the afternoon of August 9th, hosted by the China Chinese Education Foundation, hosted by the Shandong Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office,

“2913 Chinese Culture Tour – Agile Shandong Qiluying” The opening ceremony was held in Songjiang Martial Arts on the afternoon of August 9th, hosted by the China Chinese Education Foundation, hosted by the Shandong Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, co-organized by the Heze City Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Yucheng County Government. The opening ceremony of "2913 Chinese Culture Bank - Agile Shandong Qiluying" sponsored by Agile Property Holdings Co., Ltd. was held at the Songwa Wu School Dog World Theatre in Yucheng. More than 100 Chinese-American teenagers from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Japan and other countries attended the opening ceremony. The theme of the event is to learn Qilu culture and aim to help overseas Chinese youths to know their ancestral home, to understand their hometown, to inherit Chinese culture, to enhance their national feelings and national pride. And bring what he has learned back to his country of residence, as a folk messenger who inherits and promotes Chinese culture. The event was a summer camp for the large-scale organization of overseas Chinese youths to learn Qilu culture. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhu Feng, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Heze City. Li Shufeng, deputy secretary general of Heze Municipal Government, and Wang Minghua, deputy head of Yucheng County, respectively gave a welcome speech. The summer camp leader and the camper representatives also delivered speeches. After the opening ceremony, the campers watched the wonderful performances of the Songjiang Wu School's Dog and Baby Art Troupe, and felt the profoundness of Chinese martial arts. They visited the Shuiyu Haohan City and experienced the shuiyu culture with loyalty as the main connotation. After that, they will also follow the martial arts coach at Songjiang Wu School to learn the "five-step boxing", so that they can truly master a martial arts. In the following itinerary, the campers will go to Jinan, Qufu, Tai'an, Zibo and other places to fully understand Shandong and feel the Qilu style.